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1. fill out the order form
2. donate what you can

if possible, we ask for a $45 minimum donation for a 1- or 2-person doodle and encourage you to base your donation amount off what is doable for you and out of consideration of our illustrators’ time

donations are accepted via venmo, paypal, and etransfer. let us know if you prefer a different method.

venmo: jeanetteandrews
paypal: jeanette.andrews@gmail.com
etransfer: jeanette.andrews@gmail.com

3. we illustrate

we have a roughly one-month turnaround time

4. 100% of commission fees are donated!

all donations are publicly recorded and you can see where we donate each round here!

one order can have a domino effect and help us raise several hundred dollars, so we highly encourage you to consider ordering! the majority of our orders come from people seeing their friends post on social media or by word of mouth.

*all doodles are for personal use only. for commercial use (blogs, websites, personal avatars, etc.), please email us.